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Tree Plantation Financing Program (TPFP)

The TPFP is a credit assistance program under the forestry sector for the expansion, harvesting, maintenance and protection of existing tree plantations with at least 4 year old standing trees in at least 1% of the plantation area of qualified private and public land. The plantation is a designed and planned area of pre-identified tree species proven to be compatible and thriving in the area covering both lowland and forest lands. 

Eligible Projects

  • Expansion of tree plantation
    • Acquisition and planting of major tree planting stocks (preferably cloned seedlings from certified nurseries)
    • Site development, including road system, where necessary
    • Maintenance and operating expenses for the expansion of plantation
    • Look out tower
    • Bunkhouse
    • Water system
    • Firelines
    • Other related expenditures
  • Existing tree plantation of at least 4 –year-old tree species;
    • Maintenance and protection expenses – fertilization, pest control, weeding, strip brushing, and related expenditures.
  • Harvesting of fruits or mature tree species (provided replanting is undertaken)
  • Processing and Post Harvest facilities including expenses for harvesting equipment, hauling, delivery, kiln treatment plant, fruit processing plant, and related expenditures.

Eligible Borrowers

  • Duly registered existing operators with at least 4-year-old tree plantation such as:
    • Industrial tree plantation companies
    • Wood producers
    • Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA) holders-members or accredited by the Philippine Wood Producers Association
    • Socialized Integrated Forest Management Agreement (SIFMA) holders
    • Private land owners
    • LGUs
    • Private schools
    • Peoples’ organization/cooperatives

Loan Amount

  • Up to 80% of project cost for identified borrowers and 90% for LGUs.

Interest Rate

  • Based on prevailing interest rates.

Repayment Terms

  • Maximum of 15 years inclusive of grace period on principal and interest repayment not exceeding 5 years depending on funder’s requirement.


Program Managers

Aurora C. Maghirang
Head, Program Development and Management II
812-8088/818-9511 local 3309

Elaine B. Pagkanlungan
Head, Loan Program Development Unit - PDM II
818-9511 local 2331/2327

Miriam T. Fabian
Loan Program Development Unit - PDM II
818-9511 local 2331/2327











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