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Checklist of Loan Requirements

The Company

  • Company background, corporate mission/vision, highlights of past achievements, and/or corporate milestones.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration.
  • Certified copies of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, with amendments if applicable.
  • Board of Investments (BOI) Registration, if applicable.
  • Accomplished Customer Information Report (Form A).
  • Accomplished Confidential Information Sheet (For each Officer/Stockholders).
  • Board Resolutions/Secretary Certificate authorizing the borrowing, designating the authorized signatories, and allowing mortgage of properties (include specimen signatures) - Notarized
  • Management and organization structure write-up.
  • Write-up on shareholders (profile and strengths that bring direct benefit to the company).
  • Current members of the company's board of directors and senior executives with a description of their educational and professional background.
  • Description of the company's medium and long-term plans.
  • Description of present operations to include facilities and system capacity.
Financial Aspect
  • Financial Statements for the last three (3) years:
  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income Statement
  3. Cash Flow
  • Financial Projections over the life of the loan, including detailed assumptions:
  1. Soft copy/File copy of financial projections
  2. Hard copy of financial projections
  • Financial Statements of related companies (affiliates and/or subsidiaries) for the last three (3) years.

Marketing Aspect

  • Present and projected demand and supply condition.
  • Position in the industry.
  • Copy of study by independent marketing consultants:
  1. Extensive discussion on target market.
  2. Extensive discussion of competition within and outside of the Philippine (i.e., in terms of comparable products, companies offering similar products, etc.).
  • Marketing and sales strategies (method, pricing, sales terms, incentives, special arrangements, etc.)
  • Copy of product purchase agreement/ memorandum of understanding/contract, if any (to include profile of each company and expected sales volume).

The Products

  • Project Feasibility Study, if any.
  • Description of Project including fund sources and uses (amount of equity contribution and debt), timetable by phases, and current Project status
  • Copy of Supplier's Agreement/Contract/Memorandum of Understanding.
  • List of required government approvals and status of compliance (i.e., environmental clearance certificate, permit to sell, BOI/EPZA approval, etc.).


  • Proposed collaterals to be mortgaged with DBP. In case of real estate mortgage, include also:
  1. Photocopies of TCT/s (with authentication from Register of Deeds)
  2. Lot Plan with Vicinity Map certified by a Geodetic Engineer (identifying the distance from the nearest intersection or landmark)
  • Appraisal Report of proposed collaterals by any of the DBP-accredited appraisal companies (Form B).

Credit/Relationship with Banks

  • List of banks with current dealings with the company and its major shareholders.
  • Types of bank accommodations
  • List of Trade creditors/suppliers


  • Identified risks to which the project is sensitive to, and its proposed mitigants.
  • Developmental Impact Assessment - banefits of the project to the Philippines economy in general and to the specific location of the project in particular.
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