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Health Care

Sustainable Health Care Investment Program (SHCIP)

The Sustainable Health Care Investment Program (SHCIP) responds to the financing needs of the country's health sector. It extends credit facility for health care investment projects with the aim of making health services more available, accessible and affordable to communities throughout the country, especially to people belonging to the lowest income group. 

Eligible Projects
  • Civil works: Civil works include construction, expansion, upgrade/rehabilitation of hospitals, medical clinics (i.e. diagnostic/laboratory centers), lying-in clinics, Rural Health Units, Barangay Health Stations, and drugstores (i.e. Botikang Bayan/ Barangay).
  • Equipment: Acquisition of medical and non-medical equipment of hospitals, medical clinics, and lying-in clinics to meet the standards of the Department of Health and Philhealth.
  • Working Capital: Working capital for the preparation of feasibility study, architectural and engineering design, civil work supervision, environmental risk mitigation, stocks of medicines and medical supplies, and ICT equipment.

Eligible Borrowers

  • Private Corporations/Enterprises
  • Local Government Units
  • Cooperatives
  • Partnerships
  • Individual Health Care Provider (e.g. Family Physician, General Practitioners, Midwives)
  • Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) / Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) – for wholesale to re-lend to small-scale community health care providers

Interest Rate

  • Prevailing market rate (fixed or variable)

Repayment Terms

  • Civil Works: Up to maximum of fifteen (15) years inclusive of up to three (3) years grace period based on project cash flows.
  • Equipment: Up to maximum of ten (10) years inclusive of up to three (3) years grace period based on project cash flows.
  • Working Capital: Up to maximum of five (5) years inclusive of up to three (3) years grace period based on project cash flows.

Loan Amount

  • Private corporations/enterprises/cooperatives
    • up to 80% of total project cost
  • Local Government Units
    • up to 90% of total project cost

Program Managers

Paul D. Lazaro
Head, Lending Program Management Group
818-9511 local 3310/3311

Maria Del Carmen H. Hernandez
Head, Program Development and Management I
893-1782/818-9511 local 2316

Raquel C. Anzures
Head, Loan Program Development Unit
893-1782/818-9511 local 2379




















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